Arboreous shear

The foresteck GRIZZLY L arboreous shear: Easy to be used, versatile, adaptable to the most different needs.

Foresteck GRIZZLY L is the best solution for:

  • The cutting and removal of trees and bushes from the edges of the fields;
  • The maintenance and cure of forest parks;
  • The reduction and felling of garden trees;
  • The thinning and cleaning interventions.

Thanks to its components in hardox500 which limit wear and tear while using it, and to the pins in 39nicrm03 special steel with spider cemented bushings, foresteck GRIZZLY L is an extremely robust tool, reliable for prolonged use and with compact dimensions.

The foresteck GRIZZLY L arboreous shear, thanks to its upper claw, is the tool that ensures you the maximum cutting precision and the best quality when doing your arboreous or gardening works.

The possibility of rotating foresteck GRIZZLY L by 360° with hydraulic movement allows you to carry out any type of interventions with great time savings and a better cutting result.


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