arboreous shear


The arboreous shear for a perfect cut

Foresteck RHINO S arboreous shear is the best solution today on the market for:

  • The cutting and removal of trees from roadsides;
  • The cleaning of channels
    overgrown with vegetation and of their banks;
  • The cutting of garden trees and the deforestation of small and medium-sized trees.

Thanks to its components in hardox500 which limit wear and tear while using it, and to the pins in 39nicrm03 special steel with spider cemented bushings, foresteck RHINO S is an extremely robust tool, reliable for prolonged use and with compact dimensions.

The foresteck RHINO S arboreous shear, thanks to the presence of 3 teeth on the claw, is the tool specially developed to guarantee a clean and precise cut.
thanks to its removable cutting edge, foresteck RHINO S can be used alternatively both as a blade for cutting trees and as a grapple for handling and loading timber


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