About us

Tiemme was born in 1994 in Pojana Maggiore thanks to the initiative of its founder Maurizio Tregnaghi, who started a small artisan business for the production of high quality heavy carpentry dedicated to the market of terminal equipment for excavators. Already in its first years of life, Tiemme flanked its carpentry workshop with a mechanical engineering studio, dedicated to innovation and research for a constant improvement in the performance of its machinery. This allows the company to grow steadily and to position itself on the market as one of the manufacturers with a range of latest generation items, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.
The ability to produce equipment of the highest quality leads, as a natural consequence, to the creation of an internal commercial structure in Tiemme, thus transforming the company from a simple manufacturer to an operator present directly on the market with its own brand. This also allows Tiemme to expand its range of products, now no longer limited to earthmoving activities. The introduction of articles dedicated to forestry activities prompted us to create the new FORESTECK by TIEMME division, whose catalog already includes the most modern equipment for cutting and green maintenance.

Thanks to the investments and efforts made over the years for constant research and continuous technological evolution, today Tiemme with its brands Tiemme and FORESTECK by TIEMME is a consolidated reality in the Italian panorama of heavy carpentry, and this allows it to also enter the market worldwide, with expansion projects and the creation of commercial structures able to offer every necessary support wherever there is a need for forestry work, to offer our customers maximum peace of mind in terms of assistance and service. Those who use TIemme and FORESTECK by TIEMME products can easily go about their work, we’ll take care of the rest.
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